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PROJECT 'Theatre in Education'  or TIE

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Tejaswi Foundation has completed the development of its unique project in Theatre in Education, that it has been engaged with for the last three years. This exciting venture has taken the form of "Recorded Theatre"- which is a new medium, dedicated to "reach" the waves of children coming into the English medium of Education all over the country.

CLOUD THEATRE COMPANY was registered in November 2012. It is the culmination of a search over many years, with different forms of school education, observing others working in similar fields, designing and conducting exercises and events for children, in the hope of contributing that extra dimension to their learning.

We have formed Cloud Theatre Company, in Chennai, India, as we believe that our projects, programmes and events can now play a significant role in supplementing and supporting formal education in India.

Our intention is to provide, through theatre for children, the missing textures, colours, poetry and drama of life, towards a `wholesomeness` in their school education. Not just to learn lessons, pass examinations and earn a living, but also to live with values, poise and self-respect. Our new emerging world, reveals its mysteries day by day, which is a challenge to comprehend.

January 2013



Theatre Course

Cloud Theatre Company's Drama Course is a study of the evolution of theatre in India and around the world. Starting with the history and origin of theatre, the course is designed to help students understand and identify themselves, to develop their own unique techniques and styles of acting. At the end of the 6-month course, the students will be eligible to apply for Trinity Guildhall`s Grade Examinations. The faculty will be drawn from India and from among visiting Theatre persons from other countries.