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Currently, the event at Tejaswi is PROJECT 'Theatre in Education'  or TIE

PROJECT TIE is designed for children  aged 3 to 8 years, who have moved from language schools to studying in English.  Tejaswi has designed the Concept to suit the present need of children, who live in a world that is impacted by global issues.

Day by day, the team to implement the concept is coming together, just as the resource group, aptly called 'Members of the Boat' is thinking through PROJECT TIE.

Most importantly, Tejaswi is seeking sponsorship and other funding.

Tejaswi appeals to friends to put us in touch with corporate companies, government agencies or philanthropists, so that we may make a detailed presentation of the project.   


 The symbol of PROJECT TIE is


Through the ages, the boat has signified more than just a journey. It relates to people’s dreams and aspirations in any part of the world----people setting out to far away places, seeking a better life, seeking adventure and knowledge.

In India, children of today are naturally thinking global.  The excitement is written on their bright little faces.  They are ready and moving.  It is left to us adults to steer their boat and take them to places that are happier than what we ourselves know.

Tejaswi is appealing to the social consciousness of everyone around to support Primary Education, which has been neglected since Independence.

The women of India have ensured that this foundation serves the country well and have been innovative in Play Schools, in the Kindergarten and with the Montessori and Abacus systems. Our Primary Education System has turned out hundreds of leaders of modern India.

But today, this kinder system is facing a siege ---- as it is a matter of not just the numbers of children moving in to the “baby” classes, but the demand for education in English ---the international language that will give them a job in the future.