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In the beginning
  Tejaswi was started in January 1994 as a conscious effort towards using theatre to explore the means of addressing stress, by encouraging self expression, in different groups of people. We have searched and experimented in a few directions and made a positive start.

  Programmes done so far:
  • Inaugural function, January 1994: The Battery Dance Co., sponsored by Arangham Trust, Chennai, performed with 20 children from Mathrmandir, the Downe's Syndrome Research Foundation.

  • A support programme with 6 members of the Schizophrenic Research Foundation of India, using theatre methodologies: June to August 1994

  • A learning exercise with 3 classes of the Tamilnadu spastic Society, children and teachers, using theatre methodologies.

  • In January 1995, Ratna Kumar from Anjali Dance Co., U.S.A. Danced to an invited audience. It is an evening of fellowship that helped build relationships.

  • May to September 1995: The Grips Theatre event sponsored by Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai... "Grips" as in theatre for children that originated in Berlin in the early Seventies. Grips done by Tejaswi was a group exercise, starting as a workshop where children expressed their dreams, fears, comments, on the current affairs, observations on their parents and the adults around them. An original script was developed from these charts by the directors and actors working together. The outcome was a play "Once Upon A Planet" with original music composition as well. It was enacted on the lawn of the Max Mueller Bhavan in September 1995.

  • The cultural festival in February 1996.

  1. Bharati Shivaji: Mohiniyattam

  2. The Madras Players in "Reflection" a play by Mahesh Elkunchvar

  3. Anita Ratnam & group with Naa Muthuswamy's Koothuppattarai in South Indian Folk Dances.

  4. Karthick and his band "Mystique" playing Soft Jazz

  5. Benn Surender on the keyboard in "Music for Ole times sake"

  6. Marvelous Marvin from Providence, Rhode Island conducted a workshop on application of theatre in education.

  7. "AHALYA from stone to stone" an exploration in self expression. Three trustees teamed up to create a contemporary work of poetry, music and dance based on the story of a mythological heroine. Vasanthi wrote the poem, Yamuna choreographed and directed it, new-wave music original composition by Shriram Narayanan, sound track by Mohan Narayanan, costume by Susan Tait and Sive(Auroville). Anita evolved and performed this piece modern dance theatre. August 1996.

  8. "Singapore Surprise an ensemble of 30 dancers from the Chinese, Malay and Indian art forms gave a benefit performance for Tejaswi on Sunday 1st Sept at The Pyramid.

  9. Saturday 28th September: A group discussion to promote "theatre for learning" was attended by those working with urban and semi urban school and children with special needs. The many hopes and dreams of the group need support.

  10. December 15th: A "Clown Workshop", 9.30am to 4.30pm The participants were parents, teachers and others concerned with the problems encountered in guiding children's development, especially children with special needs, a growing number. The techniques demonstrated how drama could be used in the classroom and at home to shed inhibitions to discover and rediscover different ways of self-expression. The faculty was Rosy Gibb from UK, clown and magician extraordinary, social activist, teacher of dyslexics, and our Kalairani and Murugan from koothu-p-pattrai, the experimental theatre group in Chennai. Seventy-five enthusiasts braved the torrential rain that day and came to enjoy painting their faces, singing, dancing and clowning.