About Tejaswi
The Tejaswi Foundation was formed on January 13, 1994 in Chennai India. The intention was to apply theatre techniques to help people overcome stress in different life-situations.

In pursuit of this concept, Tejaswi designed many self development programmes, employing theatre with the natural techniques of drama, as the methodology for self exploration and self expression.

India has seen many changes in the last two decades of the twentieth century. Management trainers were seeking innovative ways to help people overcome stress and manage their time better. But they did not easily find methods that were not stressful in themselves and yet were effective. That's when they turned to theatre for methodologies. Role play became very popular.

Tejaswi looks back on the experience of being one of the early users of theatre, in this direction. Tejaswi's success hinged on the use of theatre with therapies in the Alternate Sciences, like Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Energy Healing, together with music, dance and craft. Tejaswi consults and involves qualified specialists to achieve its customised designs for people development, as and when required.

We invite young people to form working groups. who would like to give their time and effort, to pursue the objectives of the Trust.

Today, Tejaswi's objective is to help people overcome stressful situations in their lives be means of applied theatre. But now, Tejaswi advocates that young people especially, be proactive and constructive, as the only way of successfully handling challenges in a multi-connected world. Tejaswi also advocates that the senior population stays involved and actively contribute to the young world, from their experience and wisdom. As such, Tejaswi's programmes involve all the generations.

Tejaswi's primary objective in 2011 is our new design for Theatre in Education (

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